August 2021 event cancelled due to lockdown


International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend.

21st - 22nd  August 2021.

 from South Solitary Island.     S: 30 12 24  x  E: 153 16 02.   ...   click  >>> HERE for an Island picture.

 Four Coffs Radio Club members will be operating from South Solitary Island during the International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend, August  21st – 22nd.

 They have been given permission from the NPWS office in Coffs Harbour and are accessing the Island by local helicopter company, Precision Helicopters for the event.

The 23 acre island is 18km north east from Coffs Harbour and is only accessible by Helicopter.


  ILLW operating hours are …

Local times 10:00  Saturday 21st to  10:00  Monday 23rd 

GMT times  00:01 Saturday 21st to   23:59  Sunday  22nd.

 The Lighthouse number  is  AU-0054

and Islands of the Air id  is  OC-194

The Callsign for the weekend will be VK2FM.


 The four club members are…

 Russell Wotherspoon        VK4NGN

               Terry Wood     VK2TEZ

              Ian Ward        VK2LL

Freddo McSkimming      VK2FM.


  Our presence on the Island is from Lunchtime Friday August 20th until Lunchtime on Monday the 23rd and would welcome contacts before, during, and after the ILLW hours.

They will be operating from the now vacant  light-keepers cottage which is adjacent to the lighthouse.

Antennas are G5RV on HF and 5/8 wave ground-plane on 2m.

 HF frequencies are mainly on the 80m, 40m, 20m bands using one G5RV antenna.

VHF frequencies on 2m FM via Coffs 146.850 mhz repeater then switching to simplex on 146.0 mhz.

VHF USB on 144.1 mhz. Using 5/8 G/plane antenna on a tripod.


 Island history

QRZ page

Website with pics

Club webpage ..  with links

Event qsl to


fred [ freddo ] McSkimming.  vk2fm.  66531511.